That's right- 91% of people.

Here's the thing- There is so much different advice coming from so many different people, that we get confused, and do exactly the WRONG thing for ourselves and our bodies.

If someone is selling some gym equipment, then their gym equipment is the "MUST HAVE" thing, or else you'll be fat and ugly forever.

If someone is selling "DIET FOOD", then their diet food is the "MUST HAVE" food, or else you'll be fat and ugly forever.

All of these "MUST HAVE" things are not made keep you healthy- they are made to grab your money! All the people are saying different things, so you buy from them instead of the next guy. And they'll say anything-

- Even make you sick!

"Fat-Free" is just a marketing word so that you think "Hey, I can't possibly get FAT while eating FAT FREE stuff, right?" Except it's the opposite. Let me give you another:

"Diet Foods"- Another creation from the labratory, many of the diet foods are made with artificial sweetners that actually cause your body to swell! It's called the "Cephalic response", and it literally tells your body to swell... which looks like fat!


Understand what I'm saying- some of these producers create things that make you SICK, just so they can sell you the cure! Isn't that wrong?

I think that is EVIL.

I think we should be helping each other find real solutions to health problems, and actually finding the SIMPLE things that will help people.

You see, in my mind STAPLING YOUR STOMACH is not a solution, it's just a band-aid that makes people think they've solved the problem for a little while.

  • Most people go back to their size after the surgery.
  • Most people go back to their bad food after starting one of those crazy diets
  • Most people go bakc to being on the couch after starting of those "INSANE" workouts because they're too hard to keep up with.


That's whay I wrote the book "Half-Assed Health: How To Look Good Naked WITHOUT Starving, Suffering, or Surgery", and I only sell it for $5 (Kindle) or $10 paperback.

It's 48 pages, big type, it tells you everything you need to know about real health principles, and can be read in one sitting easily.

I like things to be simple.

In HALF-ASSED HEALTH, I give you a way to look good naked (that's all we really want anyway), without having to eat like a bird, get hurt lifting monster weights, or calling Dr. Plastic vacuum job.

See, I'm NOT talking about having willpower, or fighting the good things in life, I'm talking about where your energy for your life is going. If you're spending all your time reading labels, counting calories, and obsessing about who endorses what, how can you have time to enjoy LIFE?

Now I know it seems like I'm telling you that now you have to buy that book, but that's not why I told you all of that.

I told you all of that so we can get to this:

  • Most people eat too damn much.


  • Most people eat too damn much of the wrong damn stuff.


  • Most people eat too damn much of the wrong damn stuff too damn often.


What does EVERY DOCTOR say we need to do?

They always say that you should eat five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables.

Yes, more fruits and vegetables... but five to nine servings?

If you're like me (and the rest of the 91% of people), there's just no way I have the time or energy to get that much healthy stuff together, much less have it everyday five to nine times.


And if you can, then you know it takes a long time between shopping, washing, chopping, peeling, juicing, and then cleaning up after all of that.

(Not to mention how EXPENSIVE it is to do all of that!)

But if you want to look good and be sexy, then there's just one rule:

You may have heard of it from Tony Robbins, or some of the body builder people, or just the health nuts who hug trees and save flies from spider webs, but the way that they get all the good stuff in is by having what is known as a "GREEN DRINK".

It seems that all of those different people agree that drinking a "Green Drink" is a fantastic way to get all of the nutrition in your body without taking up too much time, and it costs HUNDREDS of dollars less than buying each of the ingredients themselves.

That made a lot of sense to me, and I've been having a green drink everyday for a few years now, and I am far healthier than I was when I started. I can also say whtout a doubt that I am SEXIER when I have all of that good stuff than when I don't.

Not only do I FEEL healthier, I LOOK healthier... SEXIER.

-Without all the headaches.

That's why I call having a "Green Drink" having a "SCOOP OF SEXY!"

There are several of them on the market, but after reading a lot of labels, and scouring the internet for the ones that did NOT have ARSENIC in them (ahem- "Green Vibrance" has some in it!) I found two brands that are natural, well-balanced, and reasonably priced.

You have to check out these ingredients-

(Click To See The Label)

All of these vitamin-and-mineral-packed plants provide you with so many benefits I didn't want to waste time and energy writing them all here- let's face it- you weren't going to read them all anyway.

However, in short, they all work together to detoxify the body, get cholesterol in check, alkalize the system, flush the liver (the hardest working organ in the body) and provide you with the elements your body needs to heal and repair itself fully.


Instead of trying to put together all sorts of meals everyday, you can feel assured that you're getting a lot of your nutrition in just one sitting with Amazing Grass Super Food.

-And it saves you money!

Each serving of gives you a mixture of 27 super foods and vital nutrients. While you may get all these super foods separately, it’s practically impossible to eat them all every day. Not to mention you’d have to eat pounds of them everyday to get the same benefits in just one Scoop Of Sexy serving. Obviously, it would also cost a ton more!

Think about it. How much does it cost to buy six to nine servings of fruits and vegetables EVERYDAY?

Well, if you went to your local supermarket and bought all these foods, it could easily cost you over $150 a month. And if you went to a leading natural food chain, it would probably cost you twice as much.

But Scoop Of Sexy only comes to $30 for a month's supply, so it's about $1 a day!

That’s a great value, isn't it?

Easy, Convenient Formula With Everything You Need

One Scoop A Day Is All You Need!

Saves You Money On Your Food!

All-Natural, Raw Formula contains no chemicals or fillers

Naturally Gives Energy, Vitality, and Boosts Immune System


Yes, I want you to get Sexy, and Yes, I want you to do it By Scoop Of Sexy. Just mix some into some juice, and you'll start the day with your nutrients already taken care of! It doesn't mean you should go out and cheeseburger it up the rest of the day, but it means that you are doing better than you did before.

Better towards SEXY Baby!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

If I already take vitamins, why do I need Scoop of Sexy?

Scoop of Sexy is FOOD. It isn't a bunch of chemicals that are supposed to do something super-special. It is a scoop of the actual fruits and vegetables that nature put on this planet to feed you correctly. It's not "parts" of the plants, or "isolates" and that kind of thing- so it hasn't been stripped of it's benefits in some process.

For optimal health, there’s nothing better than nutrient-rich, unprocessed whole foods in their balanced, natural state, like those found in Scoop of Sexy.

Ok, I want to be MUCH healthier, and in an easy way- BUT how does it taste?

Look, I really think that if you're asking the "Taste" question, you're not paying attention to the right thing. "Taste" is what makes you FAT, UGLY, and SICK. Twinkies "Taste" great, but they are POISON to your body- and you know it.

That being said, I'll tell you how it tastes- it tastes HEALTHY. When you open the can, you'll be hit with a strong smell of fresh cut grass, which can be powerful.

That means if you drink it in a glass of water... it's gross (LOL!).

HOWEVER, if you have it in some juice, it tastes really good. Personally, I make this smoothie almost EVERY MORNING:

2 Cups of Orange Juice

1 Banana

3 Frozen Strawberries

a few (10?) frozen Blueberries

1 Scoop of BIOTRUST Low-Carb Whey Protein

1 Serving Amazing Grass Super Food Powder



Guarantee: If after taking it for 30 days, you don't feel MUCH healthier, just give them a call, and they'll refund your money. Just lke that.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.